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About the portal

How do I register?

Information about when, where and how the student is to register is found on the course page in Student Portal.

As a new student, you must:

  1. Activate your student account
  2. Log in to the Student Portal
    Here you see information on what courses you are admitted to and how to register.
  3. Register for your course
    If you do not register, you may lose your place!

Tip! Information concerning how to register can be found by searching for the name or application code for the course via Search in the Student Portal.

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About the portal

All about your studies

Uppsala University has lots of student services that are all available via the Student Portal. It also contains important information from your teachers and departments. To see all the information you need to have a student account. About the Student Portal

Support and services for students

The Student Services Office, study and career counsellors, support for students with disabilities, Student Health Centre and the Language Workshop are just some of the student support services on offer at Uppsala University.
Support and services

Student Unions and nations

It is optional to be a member of the Student Union and the nation.
Student Unions and nations combine renewal with tradition and business with pleasure!

Uppsala University Library

The University Library has millions of printed and electronic books that are available for students at Uppsala University. Visit the Uppsala University Library

The next step

– towards your future career

Welcome to UU CareerGate

The Student Health center

The Student Health centre helps you if you experience difficulties related to your studies - such as stress, depression or lack of self-esteem. Campus1477 is our physical training section. Get in shape with us!
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