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Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy

Rules and Guidelines

The Faculty rules and guidelines are currently mainly available in Swedish.

Fördjupningsprojekt, riktlinjer vid farmaceutiska fakulteten, MEDFARM 2019/231, reviced 5 November 2020; in Swedish but with Grading Criterias for Degree Projects translated to English

Policy for handling deceptive conduct in examinations, MEDFARM 2014/716


General university rules and guidelines:

Contact the Study Advisers for assistance if you have any questions regarding rules and guidelines.


Rules and guidelines for students studying at the Faculty of Pharmacy are decided by the following public authorities:

1. Swedish Government and Parliament

2. Uppsala University, see Goals and regulations above

3. Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy's Board (delegate much to GRUFF)

4. Committee at the Faculty of Pharmacy for education at first and second levels, GRUFF (can delegate parts to certain people)

5. Deparment boards of the deparments that provide pharmaceutical courses