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Master Programme in Language Technology

Course assessment/examination policy

The examiners for language technology courses (Joakim Nivre, Mats Dahllöf, and Beáta Megyesi)

Students are expected to complete a course in connection with the course instance they are registered on. Each course instance offers two assessment opportunities (typically comprising a series of tests/assignments), the regular one and an additional one (for reassessment or late first try). The reassessment should not take place earlier than 14 days after the grading of the regular tests/assignments. The next opportunity for assessment will be given in connection with the next instance of the course. Assessment will then be made in accordance with the then current course instance. (Partial, but incomplete, passing of examination components can not be "saved" for next year.) It is the responsibility of the student to take notice of possible revisions of the course content and the assessment procedure, and to alert the teacher(s) of his/her intention to retake examination.

When there are special reasons (such as medical or serious personal issues, or problems caused by the university) for providing a student with an extra assessment opportunity, that should be done.