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Medicine Programme

Aktiv studentmedverkan

This information is not available in English. Now showing the Swedish version.


Läkarprogrammet i Uppsala har en lång tradition av samverkan med studenter och tilldelades som första svenska utbildning ASPIRE Award for Excellence in Edcuation för sitt arbete med aktiv studentmedverkan.

Om priset
The ASPIRE to Excellence Programme has been established to go beyond the traditional accreditation process and to recognise that the education programme in a medical school can be subjected to peer review against an agreed set of standards or benchmarks that identify world-class excellence in education.

Four spheres have been selected for assessment: Assessment of students, Student engagement in the curriculum and in the medical school, Social responsibility and accountability as a mission of a medical school and  Faculty Development. Schools can opt to be assessed for excellence in one, two, three or all four of the areas.

Läs mer om Aspire på http://www.aspire-to-excellence.org/

Uppsala universitet

Uppsala universitet arbetar för aktiv studentmedverkan. Läs mer om vad det är och hur man kan göra för att involvera studenterna mer i utbildningen på http://www.uu.se/asp