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Master Programme in Language Technology

Master Theses in Language Technology

The Master Theses in Language Technology are worth 30 credit points. We expect a much larger number of theses to be written in 2017 and after that.


Jimmy Callin, Word Representations and Machine Learning Models for Implicit Sense Classification in Shallow Discourse Parsing [pdf].


Aaron SmithBLEU Decoding and Feature Weight Tuning in Docent [pdf].


Edvin Ullman, Shibboleth  A Multilingual Language Identifier [pdf].

Shao Yan, Machine Transliteration of Names from Different Language Origins into Chinese [pdf].

Hillevi Hägglöf, Automatic organization of online Swedish political discourse [pdf].

Lisa Tengstrand, Abbreviation Expansion in Swedish Clinical Text Using Distributional Semantic Models and Levenshtein Distance Normalization [pdf].

Kelly H. SmithTreating a case of the mumbo jumbos: What linguistic features characterize Swedish electronic health records? [pdf].


Claudia EhrentrautDetection of Hospital Acquired Infections in sparse and noisy Swedish patient records. A machine learning approach using Naïve Bayes, Support Vector Machines and C4.5. [pdf].


Fredrik Norlindh, Extraction of synonyms and semantically related words from chat logs [pdf].