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Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy

Study Guidance and Programme Administration

This is a page with joint information for several programmes at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

The contacts listed below work especially with larger interprogramme questions. Questions about specific courses, for example about course literature, re-registration, schedule, exams, etc, are referred to the course page in the Student Portal. You may also contact the course administrator.

Study guidance at BMC in house A4, level 1

We take turns manning our telephone hours and drop-in times.

Telephone hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 - 10:30 (mainly Annika or Ina)

Drop-in times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:00 - 14:00 (mainly Annika or Ina). Visits at other times can be booked online.

Faculty Study Adviser focused on: 

Annika Bokström

the Bachelor and Master (5 years) of Science Programmes in Pharmacy, as well as the contact person for students with disabilities and students with small children

Ruta Dahllöf/Ina Stuhlmann

the Bachelor and Master of Science Programmes in Pharmacy, as well as handling study breaks and being administrative support to the Faculty's Degree Symposium

Christina Ceder



Faculty Study Adviser focused on general degrees (bachelor, master one year  and master two years), handling elective courses, as well as being the exchange coordinator and can as such be reached via pharmacy-ex@uadm.uu

Drop-in times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12:00 - 13:00. Visits at other times can be booked online.












Programme administrators at BMC in house A4, level 1

Please book your visit by e-mail or telephone. Drop-in visits accepted if time allows.

Lisa Klein  Faculty Programme Administrator mainly responsible for handling pharmacy work placements and also being administrative support to the Faculty.
Daniel Nyberg

Faculty Programme Administrator, handles full course credit transfer applications for courses taken in Sweden.


Other Programme administration

Visits by appointment only.

Amelie Fondell Faculty administrator
Louise Rügheimer Senior Faculty adminstrator and GRUFF secretary, handles applications to change examiner and examination format
Jörgen Bengtsson Programme coordinator Master of Science Programmes in Pharmacy  (300 credits, codes FAP2Y and FAO2Y)

Emma Lundkvist 

Programme coordinator Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy, and the Master Progammes in Drug Management and Drug Development
Pär Matsson Programme coordinator Master Programme in Pharmaceutical Modelling
Maria Swartling Programme coordinator Master Programme in Clinical Pharmacy










Page editor: Study Adviser Christina Ceder