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Master's Programme in Pharmaceutical Modelling

Pharmacy for Incoming Exchange Students

General Information 

Exchange is possible for students coming via the Faculty of Pharmacy's agreements, see below, and via Uppsala University's general agreementsApplications via the general agreements are administrated by a coordinator at our International Office.

Exchange via Erasmus Placement/Internship has to be done within agreements between your home department and a department at Uppsala University. This type exchange will not give you exchange status at Uppsala University since you can not be registered at any of its courses. It is up to a department to decide if you can be accepted, meaning that you need to contact someone in the staff regarding this. 

Application for Students at Faculty of Pharmacy's Partner Universities

1. Start with readning the faculty's general information

2. Check for courses at the Faculty of Pharmacy

To follow most of the faculty's courses in English you need about 2.5 years of full-time university studies (corresponding to at least 150 Swedish' credits/ECTS), and normally also basic knowledge in the actual subject. Please note that the course syllabuses contains both information about the courses content and their entry requirements. In order to succeed with your studies, you also need good knowledge in English, both verbal and written. If you have good knowledge in Swedish, you may also be able to follow courses in Swedish. 

  • Pharmacy Courses in Swedish will be found via the programme links below
  • Make sure to check the course's entry requirements
  • Course Application and Endorsement has to be signed by your coordinator at the home university and then scanned as a pdf-file

3. Apply online

Pleace contact the faculty's exchange coordinator in order to get the link. Apply no later no later than:

  • 15 April for the Academic Year and the Autumn Semester 
  • 15 October for the Spring Semester.

Please note that there may be other application deadlines for applications via general agreements. Information about the link to its application form will be given by your home university. 

4. Learning Swedish

Before your arrival, you can follow a web course offred by the Swedish Institute, and free of charge.

An intensive course is held at the university in August. During semesters, basic courses are held by the Department of Scandinavian Languages; these courses run twice a week part time (25%) and may be added to your pharmacy courses. These courses are also free of charge. 


General Information 

The Faculty of Pharmacy

Sweden's only Faculty of Pharmacy is located at Uppsala University, and the Faculty is a part of the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy. The Faculty's programmes and courses are:

  • Bachelor of Science Programme in Pharmacy 180 credits/Receptarieprogrammet, obligatory courses in Swedish
  • Master of Science Programme in Pharmacy 300 credits/Apotekarprogrammet, all obligatory courses are in Swedish. During spring semester 2020 the new programme offers semester 1 to 6 and the old programme offers semester 7 to 10
  • Master Programme in Drug Discovery and Development 120 credits, outline (offers courses both in English and Swedish),
  • Master Programme in Drug Management 120 credits, outline (mandantory course in Swedish)
  • Master Programme in Pharmaceutical Modelling 120 credits (starts autumn 2016), all courses in English, see outline
  • Master Programme in Clinical Pharmacy 60 credits, outline, all corses in Swedish
  • around 70 freestanding courses at level 1 and 2 for non-programme students; most of these courses are compulsory or elective in one, or more, of the programmes above. 

In collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Pharmacy also offers a Master Programme in Chemical Engineering, 300 credits.


You will find information about housing at the following websites:

Semester dates

Uppsala University has a two-semester system, and each semester is 20 weeks (30 credits/ECTS). Normally Autumn Semester (ht) starts at the end of August or beginning of September and Spring Semester (vt) starts in the middle of January. Start and end dates are published on the university web

Special needs

15 April and 15 October are the last days for us to book teaching premises for the following semester. Please contact pharmacy's exchange coordinator at the beginning of April or October if you have a disability that demands special access to teaching premises, or special facilities in the teaching premises. You can find more information about disabilities on the university web.

Uppsala biomedicinska centrum (BMC)

The faculty of Pharmacy's eduaction and research are mainly located at the campus called BMC.


If you need a visa in order to study in Sweden, please check for information on the university web.


Site Editor: Christina Ceder, Exchange Coordinator at the Faculty of Pharmacy