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Student Portal retrieves timetable events from the TimeEdit booking system and shows them via the tab My schedule. The Schedule shows events for from the courses that the student is registered for this semester. If the student belong to a group that has a schedule, the student will also see these scheduled events.

Teatchers and administrators: The Schedule shows schedule events you are booked on. Schedule events that are linked to groups do not appear for teachers and administrators (because they are not part of the group). However, there are links to the schedule for each group in the current Group division.

Search for timetables

Student Portal automatically shows schedule events that are relevant for you but you can search schedule events for a particular programme or courses via Change search.

  1. Open the tab My schedule.
  2. Click on Change search.
  3. Search for a course.
  4. Click on Show schedule.

Subscribe to a timetable

It is possible to subscribe to a timetable.

  1. Click on Subscribe.
  2. Copy and paste the link into a calendar program.