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Plagiarism check

Uppsala University uses the Urkund system to check submitted files for plagiarism. Read more about Urkund.

The teacher/administrator can select whether submitted files are to be checked for plagiarism or not.

Submitted files are sent off to an external system for plagiarism check directly upon submission. Normally the results of the check will be delivered within ca 24 hours.

If files are to be checked for plagiarism, it is important for the submitted files to have the correct file format (.doc, .docx, .sxw, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, .wps, .odt) See permissible file formats for plagiarism check.

Status of the plagiarism check

If the plagiarism check is turned on for an assignment, the column Plagiarism check will be shown in the assignment table.

When the analysis is completed a significance is shown in colour, indicating how much of the submitted text was found in Urkunds sources in the search.

Green significance means that no sources were found in the search. Black significance means that the entire document was found somewhere else. A total of 9 different colours indicate from 0% to 100%.

Click on the coloured box to open Urkunds detailed analysis in its own browser window. This analysis is on Urkunds server. See Urkund support for more information.

In the last two cases the status is a clickable link that leads to Urkunds detailed report for the document in question. This report is on Urkunds server.

The student will receive confirmation via e-mail that his or her file has been sent in for plagiarism check.