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Let students see each other’s files

If students are to have access to each others files, you can create a Distributed folder.

The distributed folder is dynamic and contains files from each student or student group submission. Which files that should be shown in the distributed folder are based on when files are submitted and the status of files.

  1. Open the Assignments function.
  2. Click on Create Distributed folder.
  3. Enter a name for the folder in Swedish and English.
  4. Enter a description, if needed, to be displayed to the student in connection with the Distributed folder.
  5. Enter date when distributed folder will be shown to students. Enter no date if the folder is to be shown directly.
  6. Choose what files should be shown in the distributed folder.
  7. You can limit the display of a distributed folder to groups.
  8. Click on Save.

If a student removes a file from My submission that is also shown in a Distributed folder this file will be removed from both places.