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Authorisation per course section

It is possible to limit an employees authorization to individual course sections. This can be useful when a teacher, assistant or visiting lecturer is only to be given access to one or more course sections instead of all courses at the department.

If a student is to help out with a course, you can create an external account for the student and then add authorization for the external account to the course in question.

Authorizations per course section are administered by an authorization administrator at the department  an authorization that in turn must be approved by the head of department. See the User authorization form (pdf)

Please note: if an employee who is authorized to work with all course sections at a department is to work with only a few course sections, the authorization for the whole institution must be revoked. In such cases, the head of department or the equivalent must contact Support.

Add authorization per course section

  1. Click on the Authorization tab.
  2. Click on the button Add limited authorization (only visble to authorization administrators).
  3. Search for the person the limitation shall apply to.
  4. Select role(s).
  5. Select course sections.
  6. Click on Save.

Click on the link Remove next to the course section to remove the authorization.

External accounts in Student Portal

An individual with an external account can be authorized to work as a teacher or administrator in Student Portal (this authorisation can be limited to one or a few course sections if you wish). It is also possible to add participants with an external account for in-house training sessions. External accounts are created in AKKA by IT Service desk.