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Admitted students

The list with admitted students is shown to teatchers and administrators. When the student is definitely registered in Uppdok, the student will automatically be moved over to the List of participants for the course section.

  1. Open the course section.
  2. Click on List of participants/send e-mail.
  3. Click on the link Admitted students.

Course registrations

The column CR shows when the student has registered via the Student Portal but has not yet been definitely registered in Uppdok.

Display of conditions for admitted students

Students can sometimes be admitted with conditions. Teachers and administrators can see, from the list of admitted students, which students have been conditionally admitted and what condition must be satisfied.

  1. Open the list of admitted students.
  2. Click on Show list columns.
  3. Select Conditions to see the conditions in the list.

Admitted students to a programme

The programme/specialization starting page contains the link Admitted students. The list shows students admitted to a programme/programme specialization for the current and following semester.

If the student has applied for the same programme/programme specialization both semesters, the latest semester is shown. A blank e-mail field indicates that the student has chosen to hide his/her e-mail address.