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Examination registration

Student Portals service for examination registration supports anonymity from registration through result reporting.

  1. Open course or course section.
  2. Click on the link Examination registrations in the menu. Existing examinations will be displayed.
  3. Click on the link Add an examination registration.
  4. Select examination type.
  5. Enter the date for the examination and when the examination begins and when the examination ends (starting and concluding time).
  6. Select the examination code. The examination codes for the course are retrieved from Uppdok. If the course lacks examination codes, the checking of examination sets must be enabled.
  7. Select place (Uppsala or Visby). It is possible to create two examination registrations that take place on the same date if one takes place in Uppsala and the second takes place in Visby.
  8. Enter the venue for the examination. If the examination is to take place in Uppsala, you can select among the Buildings Division examination halls in the dropdown menu. If any of these examination halls are to be used, the hall must be booked. You can also select "Own locale", but in that case registration lists will not be automatically sent to the examination hall. If the examination is to take place in Visby, enter the venue in the free-text field.

  9. Enter how many places have been booked in the hall (visible only to the administrator and is optional). If the number of students registered exceeds the number of places booked three days prior to the deadline for registration, Student Portal will send an e-mail to the administrator who created/most recently updated the examination event and to any e-mail addresses that might have been linked to the examination event.
  10. Indicate whether the examination is to be anonymous or not.
  11. Fill in the registration period. For the department to have time to reserve the right number of places in the examination hall, it is important to set up the examination registration in plenty of time before the examination and to set a registration deadline of 12 days prior to the examination date.
  12. Message to students. Students will see the message when they register for the examination in the Student Portal. The same message will also be enclosed in the e-mail message that the registered student receives when the registration deadline has passed. The date, place, time, and anonymity code will also be sent.
  13. Fill in e-mail addresses to administrators/teachers who want information about the examination registration (four days before the examination date the system sends out an e-mail with information about the examination registration to the administrator who last updated the examination registration.)
  14. Click on Save.