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Add same function in several places

It is possible to use the same function for several departments, courses, or course sections at the same time. This is done from the overviews.

  1. Click on the link "Add the same function from overviews (visible only if you have the proper role)
  2. Select the function in the drop-down menu.
  3. Mark the course sections/courses/programmes/departments where the function is to be used.
  4. Click on Select.
  5. Then work with the function as usual.

When you edit a function that is used in multiple places, such as Course A, Course B, and Course C, this affects all fields simultaneously. Removing a function by clicking Remove will only affect the functions of the the field you wish to remove e.g. Course A from its current place.

For the function Course registrations, you can select the alternative "Edit separately. Multiple course registrations can be simultaneously set up, whilst retaining individual editing options.

On the function's Contents page it is shown whether the function is used for several places.