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Bild på anslagstavla

Bulletin board with messages

Via a Bulletin board, you can direct messages to various groups of students, e.g. all students at a department, in a program, or in a course. This ensures that your information will reach everyone. A message can contain links.

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Discussion forum

In a Discussion forum you and your students can discuss various topics. You can also use a forum to respond to regular questions or to have students analyze each others assignments.

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File area for course material

In a File area for course material, you can upload documents such as course material, past examinations, and timetables. To make it easy for your students to find documents, its a good idea to think through in advance how you name your file areas and folders.

Bild på filarea för grupparbeten

File area for group work

With a File area for group work, you can provide each group on the course with their own area to gather their documents. Here students can create folders, upload files, or delete files that are no longer current.

Bild på Framsteg


Progress can be used in many ways. For example, you can take attendance or monitor students progress in various components. Its also possible to report results for various components if they are linked to an examination code.

Bild på gruppindelning

Group division with sign-up

Via Group division you can create groups based on the list of course participants  either at random or by having students sign up. You can then decide that a function, such as a file area, is to be displayed only to a specific group.

Bild på Inlämning


Via Assignment, students can upload files for you to assess. Here you can also communicate with the student and see an event log. Its possible to submit assignments for plagiarism checks.

Bild på kursvärdering

Course evaluation

In Student Portal you can create a course evaluation for the students to respond to anonymously. Here your can also send students reminders, see outcomes, and write a course report. You have templates, questions, and scales available for use.

Bild på länk


With the help of a link, you can create a link to an external Web page, a document, an e-meeting room, or some other service used on the course. A link will appear in the menu on the course or program page.

Bild på lärarlista

List of teachers

A list of teachers contains information and contact details about the teachers and administrators on a course. Tip: If youre on a list of teachers, you will automatically be provided with a shortcut to the course on your own start page.

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In a test collection, you can create automatically corrected or teacher-corrected tests with various types of questions, such as fill in the blank, multiple choice, questionnaires, and recording audio. You decide whether the test is to be timed and how many times a student is allowed to take the test.

Bild på webbsida

Web pages

In Student Portal you can create Web pages where you can insert everything from text, links, and images to iFrames and films. You decide what content is to be shown in Swedish and/or in English.