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Get started with Student Portal

Work with the result

1. Open the course evaluation.

2. Click on Results.

3. Review and analyze the answers. Tip:

  • It is possible to label text answers with keywords.
  • It is possible to filter responses and see what students with a specific response alternative also answered on other questions. This is done by clicking on the boxes to the right.
  • You can export results to Excel. You do so by clicking on the link Export.
  • See Guidelines for course evaluations.

4. Examining free-text responses trough a privacy perspective and, if necessary, reformulated in an objective way.

  1. Select Edit from the menu to the right of current answer.
  2. A copy of the answer is displayed underneath the original.
  3. Edit the text and remove any offensive wording. Enter reformulations with [square brackets].
  4. The change is automatically saved.
  5. To remove an answer that has been edited, choose Delete edit from the menu.

5. Summarize the patterns or themes that emerge in the students' text answers and comments.

  • You can create a summary per question and for the entire course evaluation.
  • You can copy all the text answers at the same time by clicking on the copy all text answers to the summary icon that is placed after the last answer.
  • Work with the course report will be facilitated if you have already written the summaries.

6. Publish results.

  1. Select if you want to:
    • display all free-text responses/comments and any summaries, or
    • display only free-text responses/comments and any summaries.
  2. Select status Published.
  3. Click Save.

Students will be notified that results has been published via Latest events.