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Reporting results via results list

A result list is used for reporting grades to Uppdok - normally for the students that have registered to take the examination. The teacher can create columns for any number of examination questions in the results list. It is also possible to set borderlines for grades and have the grades filled in automatically based on the students examination scores.

  1. Open the compilation of Results lists via the tab Teaching or via the desired course section.
  2. Click on the list number for the results list (can only be done by the teacher reporting grades) to open the list.
  3. Add questions to create a grading support.
  4. Fill in the students score on each question. You can use up to two decimals, using either a decimal comma or a decimal point (for instance 4,45 or 4.45).
  5. Check the box next to Sum and ExamScore have the same value.
  6. Click Save to save your changes.
  7. Enter the examination scores that apply for each respective grade.
  8. Click on Save grade borderlines.
  9. Click on the Fill in grades button. The grades will now be updated to match the grade borderlines.
  10. Click on Save.
  11. Remove all students without grades.
  12. When you are done: select all students, mark the list as DONE and click on Save.
  13. The list will now disappear from the Student Portal.

When the grading document has been transferred to Uppdok, a copy PDF of the marking support that was used will be created and sent to the Uppdok administrator whose e-mail address was given for the results list at hand.