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Reporting grades via progress

  1. Open the progress.
  2. Select which examination code you want to create a result list for and click on Create.
  3. Now a list will be displayed with students who have the progress status Completed alt. Unsatisfactory achievement for all elements linked to the selected examination code.
  4. To simplify the reporting of grades, comments and scores for resp. Progress elements are displayed on the grading sheet. Also shown here are the total scores for all elements included in the examination code.
  5. Enter the grade, examination score, and grading date for each student. Tip: At the bottom of the page you can enter the grading date and the grades for a number of students simultaneously.
  6. Enter the e-mail address to the Uppdok contact at the department. This is important because it notifies the contact that there is a grading report to be retrieved from Uppdok.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. When you are finished, you select all students on the list via the link Select all and click on Submit. The result report will then be submitted to Uppdok.
  9. Reported components will be displayed with a padlock in the progress table and cannot be changed in the Student Portal. Reported components with a failing grade (the status Unsatisfactory achievement) will be displayed with an open padlock in the progress table and can be changed in the Student Portal.