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Group assignment

Via the function Assignment, you can keep track of submitted works, provide feedback and communicate with students. For collaborations, a group assignment can be very useful. Each group will then get its own assignment page where the students included in the group can submit files and communicate with the teacher.

Create a group assignment

  1. Add the function Assignment.

  2. In Type of submission, select the Group assignment. Then select Group division via drop-down menu.

  3. Click Save.

Mark assignments and provide feedback

Each student group their own Assignment page. On this page both the group and the teacher can upload files and communicate with each other. There is also an Event log that displays the full history for the group.

  1. Open the Group assignment page by clicking the group name via the overview.

  2. Write a comment and or submit your response file to the group (select Upload response to group)

  3. Change the status of the submission and click Save.

When you are finished with a student group, you can click through to the next group by using the blue arrow.