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Hidden groups

If the teacher / administrator divide students into groups, the groups can be marked as "hidden groups". Students who belong to a hidden group will not see the group and its members under My Groups.

This can be useful if you want all the students who haven´t completed a certain course elements to do an assignment without knowing about the other students in the group.

This is how you do it:

  1. Create a group dividion with one group.
  2. Select The administrator groups the participants.
  3. Select Hidden groups (not shown for students under My Groups).
  4. Save the Group division.
  5. Click on the button Participant grouping.
  6. Let all the students with status Incomplete be in the hidden group and Save.
  7. Add an individual assignment.
  8. Limit the display of the assignment to the hidden group.
  9. Save the assignment.