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In a Discussion forum you and your students can discuss various topics. You can also use a forum to respond to regular questions or to have students analyze each others assignments.

  1. Open course / program.
  2. Click the Add new function in the menu and select the Discussion forum.
  3. Name the forum and Save.
  4. Click on the link Open.
  5. Click the button New topic.
  6. Enter title and message. As a teacher, you can select whether the topic should be announce, sticky or normal (default). This affects the order in which the topics are listed in the forum. Announced topics always appear at the top of the forum with a yellow background. Sticky topics will appear below notice topics but always above normal topics.
  7. Attach any file to the topic.
  8. Click the Submit button.

It is possible to monitor the discussion forums and topics:

  • When you subscribe to a forum you will be notified of new threads.
  • When you are following a topic, you will be notified of created topic replies.