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Master's Programme in Information Systems

Prog.code: SSY2M 120 c.

Bild för Masterprogram i systemvetenskap 2017/2018

In our increasingly global world, IT is enabling communication and networking between people, both in private contexts and in professional businesses. The Master Programme in Information Systems at Uppsala University prepares you to pave the way in the rapidly developing area of Information Technology. It is an internationally competitive programme, with a focus on information systems, systems development, and project management.


Welcome to the master programme in information systems!

“Welcome here, welcome home” is Uppsala’s slogan. In Swedish “Välkommen hit, välkommen hem”. Welcome here to you who are a new student and welcome home to you who are already studying here. We hope that you who are already studying here are happy to start a new semester with new courses and new challenges.

The international master programme started 2008. We have, during the years, had students from more than 30 countries all over the world. Before the first course starts at the first year you need to come here and be registered at the programme. Our student counsellor Tina Kekkonen takes care of the registration. She communicates with you through email.

The first course at year one introduces declarative programming and problem solving. The teacher at the course, Anneli Edman, is also the programme coordinator. The department is situated in Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, Uppsala. All the lectures take place in this building.

Courses included in the programme

This programme overview lists what courses are taken for each semester in the Master's Programme in Information Systems according to the current curriculum.