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Bachelor's Programme in Physics

Prog.code: TFY1K 180 c.

The BSc programme in physics gives you a general and solid  knowledge of physics. You can also go wider or deeper, thanks to the unique Uppsala environment with internationally competitive research and competence in most areas of physics. Some exciting examples include the neutrino research with the IceCube telescope in the Antarctics, theoretical physicists' efforts in string theorym and astrophysics research on exoplanets. It is also possible to go towards theoretical or experimental materials physics.

For curious and engaged students this education offers enormous possibilities and a large number of routes towards the goals you set.

We have a deal with a publisher on a book package which covers a major part of the courses during the first two years, at a reasonable price. Also included is access to complementary online material and e-books during the three years. Books currently included are

  • University Physics (Young & Freedman)
  • Calculus, Complete Course (Adams)
  • Calculus, Student Solution Manual
  • Quantum Mechanics (Griffiths)

You are most welcome to contact us for further information!