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Master's Programme in Forensic Science

Prog.code: MFV2M 120 c.
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Welcome to the Medical Faculty as a Master student!
2018-09-03 13:49

Welcome to the Medical Faculty as a Master student!


Introduction and Information PT

September 3rd


14:15 Info Professional Training Course, obligatory; test; assignments etc

Presentation of Master programs in medicine and coordinators/administrators,

Master Program Committee Director Associate Prof Lena Åslund


14:45 Information about Uppsala University, The Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, The Medical Faculty, Vice Dean Medical Faculty Prof Matts Olovsson


15.15 Info Study Counsellor, Carina Carlsson

15.20 Paus

15.50 Info from MMC Medical Master Council (Master students representing all 10 Master programs at the faculty)


16:10 Info from Student Health (Studenthälsan)


16:25 Literature search at Uppsala University Emma-Lotta Säätelä


17.25 Introduction Student Portal, Assistant Prof Lina Thorvaldson


Courses included in the programme

This programme overview lists what courses are taken for each semester in the Master's Programme in Forensic Science according to the current curriculum.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4