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Master's Programme in Digital Humanities

Prog.code: HDH2M 120 c.

For new admitted students autumn semester 2020: The Master's Programme in Digital Humanities is a programme taught on-site at the English Park campus. The COVID19 pandemic has however led us to decide that the first half (15 credits) of the autumn semester will be taught using distance-learning tools.  

In practice this means that all programme activities scheduled between August 31 (programme start) and November 6 will be conducted online. Online teaching, seminars, and other forms of student-teacher interactions will be conducted principally using Zoom. Uppsala University offers access to Zoom but it is required that you provide your own computer with a microphone (e.g., using a headset) and a video camera. As it currently stands, campus-based teaching will commence on November 9 and from this date and onwards it is compulsory to participate in the programme on-site in Uppsala.

We hope that the response that we have chosen to the circumstances caused by the pandemic is beneficial for you and that it will facilitate your studies at the Master's Programme in Digital Humanities in these extraordinary times.