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Kandidatprogram i energiomställning - hållbarhet och ledarskap

Prog.kod: TEO1K 180 hp.

Hello and welcome!

As a student in this Bachelor of Science programme you will engage with the challenges of energy transition. You will also get training in critical analysis which involves evaluating problems and solutions from environmental, social and economic sustainability perspectives. In this context it is worth pointing out that student active learning and interdisciplinary studies are the two cornerstones of the programme. Both should stimulate broad knowledge and holistic understanding and provide you with the practical skills needed for your future career.

We are happy to welcome you to begin your learning journey and to contribute towards a sustainable energy transition once you finished your studies! We will meet on Monday, September 3rd at 9 a.m. at Campus Gotland, to welcome you to the programme and to get to know each other. Please bring your passport since both course registration and activating your student account requires a formal ID.

Uppsala University’s Gotland Campus offers a study environment based on availability and fellowship and it is positioning itself as a campus with focus on sustainability. There will be numerous student activities organised by the University and the Student Union which includes an orientation day (more information can be found here.) Besides that, we are planning to take an extended field trip on the island September 12th-14th (3 days, 2 nights) with focus on sustainability and energy.

We are looking forward to meeting you on Campus Gotland after the summer. Feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Sanna Mels – sanna.mels@geo.uu.se

Maria Klemm – maria.klemm@geo.uu.se


Kurser som ingår i programmet

Denna programöversikt listar vilka kurser som läses vid respektive termin på Kandidatprogram i energiomställning - hållbarhet och ledarskap enligt den nuvarande studieplanen.

Termin 1

Termin 2

  • Årskurs 2, preliminärt läsår 2019/2020

    Termin 3

    Samhällsplanering och miljörättvisa 10 hp
    Samhällsförändring, deltagande och ledarskap 10 hp
    Miljöekonomi och ekologisk ekonomi 10 hp

    Termin 4
    Drivkrafter och tekniska möjligheter för hållbar energiomställning 10 hp
    Projekt i energisystem och ledarskap 10 hp
    Ledningssystem, livscykelanalys och hållbarhet 10 hp

  • Årskurs 3, preliminärt läsår 2020/2021

    Termin 5
    Valfria kurser 30 hp

    Termin 6
    Projekt i tvärvetenskaplig praktik 10 hp
    Vetenskaplig metod II 5 hp
    Självständigt arbete i hållbar energiomställning 15 hp
  • Period 3

  • Miljö och klimat i förändring, 10 hp
  • Vetenskaplig metod I, 10 hp
  • Period 4

  • Vetenskaplig metod I, 10 hp
  • Energiproduktion och nyttjande, 10 hp