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Magisterprogram i vindkraftprojektering

Prog.kod: TVP2N 60 hp.

Welcome to your programme page Wind Power Project Management 2017-2018. 

The programme starts with an Introduction to the Wind Energy Section at Campus Gotland on August 28th at 9 am. Afterwards, the course Wind Power Development and Management will start. No literature is required to be purchased before the start of the course. 

In the afternoon there will be a Welcome Reception for all new students at Campus Gotland. The reception will be held at S:t Nikolai ruin between 1.30 pm and 3pm. The reception will primarily be held in Swedish, but international students are very welcome to attend.

Prior to this, there will be an orientation day on August 25th starting at 8.45 am at the reception, and ending at around 2 pm.                      

Lectures and course activities in the autumn term will continue from September to December, and classes will be held before Christmas until the 15th of December. 
The scheduled activities will begin again on the 8th of January 2017. You are required to continue working on your courses during the period without classes even though you will not have to attend any physical meeting. 

As the programme encompasses both technical and non-technical topics we will require you to make extra effort in the subjects that you are not so familiar with. It might mean that you will have to read more background literature in these topics.        

Looking forward to an exciting year together!                     

Best regards,  
Liselotte Aldén, Programme Director     

P.S. Here is the link to the programme e-classroom which you can access after registration

https://courses.hgo.se/course/view.php?id=3755&element=1 D.S.

Kurser som ingår i programmet

Denna programöversikt listar vilka kurser som läses vid respektive termin på Magisterprogram i vindkraftprojektering enligt den nuvarande studieplanen.


Läs detta internationella magisterprogram och bidra med ett positivt fotavtryck till en globalt hållbar värld! Magisterprogrammet i vindkraftprojektering kombinerar kunskap om planering och projektering av vindkraft med projektledning så att du får nödvändig kompetens ... [+]


Liselotte Aldén
E-post: liselotte.alden@geo.uu.se
Telefon: 0498-10 83 64

Maria Klemm
E-post: maria.klemm@geo.uu.se

Frågor om antagning: Antagningsenheten
E-post: studentservice@uu.se
Telefon: 018-471 47 30

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