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Magisterprogram i hållbart företagande och ledning

Prog.kod: SHF2N 60 hp.

Welcome class of 2020-21 and to the programme website!

Here you will find important and hopefully useful information about the programme.

Apart from the official links to the department, Campus Gotland and the course syllabus, you can also access the Alumni Facebook group where you can get in contact with former and present students.


Due to the coronavirus, all teaching and examination at the Department of Business Studies will take place online during period 1–2 (from 31 August to 3 November) during the autumn semester 2020.

For the Master programme in Sustainable Management this means that all teaching during the first two courses will be conducted online. We will mostly be using the video software Zoom for the teaching and also the student platform Studium. Information and instructions for how to access and use these will be provided when the semester starts. Campus Gotland will be open for students during this period but lectures, seminars and group work etc will be online.

The first meeting for you as students will be welcomed in an online lecture/conference in Zoom on Monday 31 August at 10:15-12.00 am. We will send invitation and instructions for how to attend the online session later, closer to the course start. 

We are still adapting the preliminary campus schedule to online education and small changes could be necessary up until the program starts.


Sustainable Management covers one academic year and contains six courses of 7,5 credits each plus a thesis of 15 credits.

The program provides a broad base of subjects concerning sustainable management, covering topical issues of business administration with contributions from other disciplines.

Fall 2020


Period 1 ONLINE!

Business, Society and Nature: Reflective Inquiry, (7,5 ECTS)

Period 2 ONLINE!

International Business and Regional Development (7,5 ECTS)

Period 3

Governance, Organisation and Standards (7,5 ECTS)

Period 4

Globalisation, Resources and Environmental Justice (7,5 ECTS)


Spring 2021


Period 1 & 2

Philosophy of Science and Research Methods (7,5 ECTS)

Reading and Writing Sustainability (7,5 ECTS)

Period 3 & 4

Master Thesis (15 ECTS)

You are encouraged to also review individual course syllabus information at this link: http://www.uu.se/en/admissions/master/selma/studieplan/?planId=1038&pKod=SHF2N

Master Thesis

Q: What about the Master thesis, is it possible to write in cooperation with a company? For example, right now I am writing my bachelor thesis with a company in my home country – can I do this again or must it be written in Sweden? Is there a specific date to hand in my thesis?

A: There is a required submittal date, usually at the final defense in the end of May but with several mandatory seminars on campus during the spring semester. We do not have a problem with students writing in collaboration with companies, but students need to organize this by themselves.

Q: Are there any restrictions on thesis subjects? Are we free to select? My bachelor thesis is on a sustainability subject for example and I would like to continue in a similar theme.

A: The thesis subjects are chosen by the students in dialogue with the class and the supervisor. They are free to choose as long the subjects are within the field of business studies and sustainability, in broad terms.

If you are curious about the study environment at Campus Gotland, here is a useful link: https://www.campusgotland.uu.se/study/live/

And there is a Facebook group for students and alumni on Sustainable Management at Campus Gotland with information about life on the island that could be of interest: https://www.facebook.com/groups/565238980301941/


Again, a warm welcome to the site, and do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.


Fredrik Sjöstrand, PhD, Assistant Professor, fredrik.sjostrand@fek.uu.se


Student Services - Campus Gotland: studentservicecampusgotland@uadm.uu.se

Course- and program administrator; Josefina Ahlvin, Maria Petersén Enström


Kurser som ingår i programmet

Denna programöversikt listar vilka kurser som läses vid respektive termin på Magisterprogram i hållbart företagande och ledning enligt den nuvarande studieplanen.