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Master Programme in Social Sciences

Prog.code: SSV2M 120 c.

The complexity of society means that explanation, understanding and analysis has to be specialized and at the same time build on more than one academic discipline. A variety of social sciences together contribute to the understanding of society’s functions and development. The Master program in Social Science gives the student a solid foundation within one discipline together with a broader scope that results from studying other subjects within the social sciences.

The Master Programme in Social Sciences is offered fully in english within the Digital Media and Society specialisation. More information can be found here on the specific page for this specialisation.

Programme description

Digital Media and Society, a specialisation within the Master Programme in Social Sciences, offers students advanced tools to understand and analyse how contemporary media are shaping – and being shaped by – the economy, politics, culture and organisations in society (Western as well as non-Western).

Contact information

Ylva Hasselberg
Email: ylva.hasselberg@ekhist.uu.se
Telephone: 018-471 57 55

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