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Master Programme in Social Analysis of Economy and Organisation

Prog.code: SSA2N 60 c.

How we understand the dynamics of our economy and society increasingly demands multifaceted and interdisciplinary perspective. This interdisciplinary Master programme brings together some of the most important approaches to understanding the economic world around us and is designed for those who want to draw connections across the social and economic sciences in order to better understand economic phenomena.

The programme is a unique collaboration between Business Studies, Economic Geography, Economic Sociology and Economic History.

Programme description

The Master programme in Social Analysis of  Economy and Organization is a research-oriented interdisciplinary programme that brings together some of the most important methods for analyzing economy as part of society. The focus is on developing analytical, creative and communicative skills useful ... [+]

Contact information

Katriina Östensson
Email: katriina.ostensson@soc.uu.se
Telephone: 018-471 15 05

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