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Bioinformatics on the Web, 5.0 c

Course code:1BG425, Report code:67421, 50%, BLA, ITD
week: 23 - 29 Semester: Spring 2012 (2012-06-04 - 2012-07-22)

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Go to http://sohlberg.ebc.uu.se. Click on Bioinformatics on the Web 2012-Summer. Choose language, click on Create new account. Fill in your data (choose your own user name and password). You will receive an email; click on the link provided in the mail; fill in the enrolment key: genomes. Now you can access the course with the username and password you have chosen. You should register before the course starts on June 4; the actual course pages will start to open from June 1. If all fails, contact bioinformaticsontheweb@ibg.uu.se

Contact information

If you have any questions about registration, please contact:
Name: Elsbeth Scholtes
Email: elsbeth.scholtes@ibg.uu.se
Telephone: +46 18 4714919 +telefonsvarare/answering machine
Address: EBC, Norbyvägen 14 II, 752 36 UPPSALA

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More information will be posted soon!

Course start: 2012-06-04