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Scientific Computing III, 5.0 c

Course code:1TD397, Report code:62002, 33%, DAG, NML
week: 03 - 12 Semester: Spring 2021 (2021-01-18 - 2021-03-22)

Course information

2021-03-08: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 10) are available here.
2021-03-02: Old exams are available here.
2021-02-24: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 9) are available here.
2021-02-23: Workout problem set 3 is available here.
2021-02-22: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 8) are available here.
2021-02-19: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 7) are available here.
2021-02-08: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 6) are available here.
2021-02-03: Workout problem set 2 is available here.
2021-02-03: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 5) are available here.
2021-02-01: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 4) are available here.
2021-02-01: Guidelines for writing the project reports are available in the menu below.
2021-01-22: Mini projects: instructions for Part A, B, C are available here.
2021-01-22: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 3) are available here and here (Conjugate Gradient).
2021-01-21: Workout problem set 1 is available here.
2021-01-21: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 2) are available here .
2021-01-18: Lab instructions are available here.
2021-01-18: Lecture notes from today (Lecture 1) are available here and here.
2021-01-17: Labs: the queue spreadsheet over here.
2021-01-10: Register into a session group over here.
2021-01-10: The schedule is published online over here.
2021-01-10: Zoom links are given in the Bulletin board below.
2021-01-10: All sessions will be held online.

The course bulletin board
Exam, technical instructions
2021-03-16 13:33
Project report guidelines
2021-02-01 09:30