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Business Analysis and Managerial Action, 7.5 c

Course code:2FE858, Report code:21022, 100%, DAG, NML
week: 36 - 40 Semester: Autumn 2020 (2020-08-31 - 2020-09-30)

This course is part of a joint section.

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Hi, and welcome to the course Business Analysis and Managerial Action! 

I hope you all have had a nice summer – even if we live under ” exceptional circumstances” - and that you are now prepared to start your Master-program at our fine University. Hopefully, the program will be interesting, fun, and an essential step in your future professional career.

I recommend that you start with downloading “Coursebook 2020”, from its folder at Studentportalen. In that document, you have a presentation of the course, and it´s different moments (lectures, seminars), content, readings, etc. In the folder “Lecture – Material,” you can find articles for all our lectures.

A central aspect of our decision-oriented course is the context of “The Second Machine Age.” We are interested in digitalisation and its consequences for society, business, and individuals. In folder LO (Lecture 0), you have some background material about digitalisation. This material is informative but not mandatory. So, read/look at it, listen to it if you want.

Conventional wisdom – easy to say, but challenging to do – is the advantage of being prepared. If you have gone thru (have read) the material, according to “Coursebook 2020”, before the lecture, and shortly after that repeat its main messages, you will gain a lot. You will quickly improve your learning curve.

In our first lecture, Monday, August 31, I will present the course, its purpose, pedagogy, and content. This course is also ”The First Step” in your journey into expertise in our Master Programs.

So, once again – Welcome!
Jan Lindvall