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Introductory Course in Northern Kurdish (Kurmanji), 15.0 c

Course code:5KD122, Report code:06909, 50%, DAG, DST
week: 04 - 23 Semester: Spring 2020 (2020-01-20 - 2020-06-07)

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Course start: 2020-02-01

Course information

Lesson plan for Basic Course in Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish) (5KD122) Spring 2020

Instructor: Hashem.ahmadzadeh@lingfil.uu.se



  Course description:

  Kurmanji or Northern Kurdish is one of the major language varieties used by the Kurds in Turkish and Syrian parts of Kurdistan but also by a sizeable number of people in Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan. It is written mainly in a modified Latin alphabet, except by the Kurmanji speakers in Iraqi Kurdistan who use the modified Arabic-Kurdish alphabet. 


This lesson aims at equipping the students with basic communicative competence and working knowledge of the grammar in the standard Kurmanji, along with necessary awareness on the dialectal variation (especially the Badini dialect of Iraqi Kurdistan). The course will be based on Latin-Kurdish alphabet. 


There will be three day-long meetings during the semester (see below for the dates). The lessons in the classroom will be led by Hashem Ahmadzadeh.  


The students will receive study chapters as well as working sheets with exercises and assignments on a weekly basis (via Student Portal and university student email account). It is thus of utmost importance that the students regularly check their e-mail address and Student Portal. 


The weekly course material (study chapters, exercises) will be sent to you every Tuesday and you will be supposed to return them by the Monday morning of the following week. 



In-class meeting dates:  

1 February 2020, kl. 9:30-17:00

Local: 16–0041, Engelska parken


7 March 2020, Kl. 10:30-17:00

Local: 16–0041, engelska parken


25 April 2020, Kl. 10:30-17:00

Local: 16–0041, engelska parken


Final exam: Sat. 16/5, 09:00 - 13:00: Bergsbrunnagatan 15, sal 1


The course grade will be based on participation in class meetings (10%), weekly assignments (20%), and final exam (70%).  



Course materials:

 The essential material is the ten lessons here:

Derince, Serif, Ergin Öpengin & Geoffrey Haig. Kurmanji lessons for distance learning. Prepared at Uppsala University. (Unpublished Ms.). I will refer to these materials as "Lesson 1, Lesson 2, etc.".

Secondary material will be provided from some chapters of this book (that I will refer to as "Chyet chapter 1, etc."): Chyet, Michael. Kurmanji Course. (Unpublished Ms.) (Abbreviated as Chyet) c. There will also be additional worksheets for further explanations and exercises. 



Some other useful sources: 

Thackston, Wheeler M. 2006. Kurmanji Kurdish: A reference grammar with selected readings. Retrieved from: https://sites.fas.harvard.edu/~iranian/Kurmanji/index.html Haig


Chyet, Michael. 2004. Kurdish-English Dictionary. Yale University Press. 

Mahmut Lewendi, Mustafa Aydogan, Vildan Tanrikulu. 2006. Lexin: Svensk-

kurdiskt lexikon (nordkurdiska).  Wikiferheng: https://ku.wiktionary.org/wiki/Destp%C3%AAk


Weekly programme. Please note that the key for each lesson will be sent to you one week after you have received the lessons.

Week 1


Lesson 1

Week 2


Lesson 2

Week 3


Lesson 3

Week 4


Lesson 4

Week 5


Lesson 5

Week 6


Lesson 6

Week 7


Lesson 7

Week 8


Lesson 8

Week 9


Lesson 9

Week 10


Lesson 10