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Ancient Near East: History, 7.5 c

Course code:5AS105, Report code:06205, 50%, EFT, NML
week: 04 - 13 Semester: Spring 2020 (2020-01-20 - 2020-03-29)

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Course start: 2020-01-22

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Registration to the course takes place in connection with the seminar, Wednesday 22 January 14:15–16:00, room 3-0012, at the Engelska parken campus. The course is taken by students on the second semester of Assyriology studies, and is also offered as a free-standing course.

Further information on the schedule is found via the link in the menu on the left in the Student Portal. The course will be offered in English during the spring semester of 2020, but should you prefer to ask questions or write your exam in Swedish, this is, of course, in order.


The main book for the course is divided in two volumes:

Kuhrt, Amelie
The Ancient Near East c. 3000-330 BC, London, Routledge, ISBN: 0-415-16762-0.

The reason for using a book written more than 20 years ago is that it offers a unique portrayal of the ancient Near East, focusing not only on Mesopotamia and the cultures of Syria and Anatolia, but also the cultures of ancient Iran, Egypt, and the different state formations in the eastern Mediterranean area. Kuhrt, furthermore, provides in-depth coverage not only of the major states and their history, but also of the economy, and of the terms for different social classes in this vast area over a long period of time. Other, more recent books, of course exist, but they tend to put too much focus on only one or a couple of the geographical areas covered by this course, or they do not match the timeframe covered by Kuhrt's book.

See you on 22 January!