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Bioinformatics on the Web, 5.0 c

Course code:1BG425, Report code:67466, 33%, BLA, DST
week: 24 - 34 Semester: Spring 2019 (2019-06-12 - 2019-08-21)

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Course information

Welcome everybody!

Welcome to the course Bioinformatics on the Web 2019 - Summer (BW2019-Summer, 1BG425). The course consists of 5 topics, each with a theory part and practical assignments. Each topic has a theory part describing the background and some assignments. Please read through the theory part carefully. This will help you a lot for passing the assignments. At the end of the course, there will be an exam covering topics from the course. Please see the information below on the requirements to pass the course.



In order to pace the work during the course evenly, assignments should be submitted within the respective periods that are indicated in the schedule. However, it is possible to re-submit assignments outside of those periods if necessary. Keep in mind though that it will take longer to receive feedback on those assignments compared to the assignments that are submitted in time. 


  • The assignments for the respective topics will be made available according to the starting date of the schedule (shown below)  
  • Prepare your assignments in .docx or .doc format
  • Submit the answers to the assignments in English
  • Use 'Submit' button at the end of each assignment page (recognizable by "E:") to upload your assignments

How to contact us?

Please contact us by Email or directly via studentportalen

If you have questions on particular assignments, you can directly send your questions to the teachers:

If you have questions about course registration, re-registration and related issues, please contact IBG (info@ibg.uu.se)

If you have general questions about the course, you contact Christian Seeger (christian.seeger@icm.uu.se).

How to pass the course

To pass the course you need to pass all the assignments and also the exam (requires at least 50% of the achievable points) at the end of the course. You can do the exam at any time during the three days it is scheduled. 

The course starts June 10, 2019, and runs until the end of the exam August 25, 2019


Topic 1: 10 June – 23 June

Biological Databases (Teacher - Jennah Dharamshi)


Topic 2: 24 June – 7 July       

Comparative Genomics (Teacher - Karl Dyrhage)


Topic 3: 8 July – 21 July    

Metabolic pathways (Teacher - Zeynep Kurt) and          

Metagenomics (Teacher - Jennah Dharamshi)


Topic 4: 22 July – 4 August 

Alignments and phylogenies (Teacher - Zeynep Kurt)


Topic 5: 5 August – 18 August     

Protein structure (Teacher - Karl Dyrhage)


EXAM: 23 August – 26 August       


A Re-Exam will be offered as part of the regular exam of the autumn course in January 2020

Good luck and enjoyt the course