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Data Mining I, 5.0 c

Course code:1DL360, Report code:DL360, 33%, DAG, NML
week: 36 - 43 Semester: Autumn 2018 (2018-09-03 - 2018-10-28)

This course is part of a joint section.

Collaboration information

Dear students, this is some basic information about the course, so that you can plan in advance for it.

I will cover all the course theory, during the lectures. In addition, there will be labs where you can learn how to use data mining software in practice. At the labs there will be tutors to help you, but the participation is not mandatory: you can install the software on your computers and learn it at home using the provided instructions if you prefer.

At the end of this course you will have received all the information needed to perform a data mining process, both in theory and in practice.

You are expected to allocated some time, that we estimate being around 40 hours, to the project. This independent project consists in mining some real datasets. During this time, the tutors will be available to help you. You will work on the project in groups of three people, that you can form yourselves. The project gives 2 credits, and is a Pass/Fail examination.

Exams will contain both questions about the theory and exercises, as covered during the lectures, and gives 3 credits. The exam also determines your grade.