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Secure Computer Systems I, 5.0 c

Course code:1DT072, Report code:11213, 33%, DAG, NML, week: 44 - 03 Semester: Autumn 2018

This course is part of a joint section.

Collaboration information

Please note that the course book is "Security in Computing" by Pfleeger&Pfleeger(&Margulies), 5th or 4th edition (NOT 3rd or earlier!).

If you have a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-enabled device, PLEASE BRING IT TO THE LECTURES!

Deadlines and mandatory participation

The course uses continuous examination. Deadlines apply (for details: see "Assignments"/"Inlämningar" in the left-hand margin).

The following occasions are MANDATORY:

  • Nov 14-15: 1 hour examination (out of 8+8 hrs scheduled as "Seminar")
  • Nov 28-29: 1 hour examination (out of 8+8 hrs scheduled as "Seminar"
  • Dec 12-13-14: 1 hour examination (out of 4+6+6 hrs scheduled as "Seminar")

In addition there is a 3-hour exam on January 10th.

The only lab session in the schedule (on Oct 30) is not mandatory but very strongly recommended. (The other labs are not scheduled by us, you decide when to do them.)

Course description

The course is about technical aspects of data security. Basic principles and theoretical models for security, such as identification, authenticity, access control, and information flow control are covered. A goal with the course is to develop an ability to identify weaknesses and strengths in different ... [+]
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