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Modelling for Combinatorial Optimisation, 5.0 c

Course code:1DL448, Report code:61004, 33%, DAG, NML
week: 03 - 11 Semester: Spring 2018 (2018-01-15 - 2018-03-18)

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We use this poster (read the top two rows of frames and the lower-left quadrant) to present the course to potential new students.


Despite similar titles, this course is independent from and largely orthogonal to the course Combinatorial Optimisation using Constraint Programming (course 1DL441). While this course (1DL448) is focused on modelling, with solving done mainly in a black-box fashion using a broad range of solving technologies, the other course (1DL441) is focused on one particular solving technology, namely constraint programming, and delves into the algorithmic details of its solving procedures.  Similarly, any course covering local search, Boolean satisfiability, or integer programming will be largely orthogonal to this course.