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Fundamentals of Management, 7.5 c

Course code:2FE918, Report code:21026, 25%, BLA, DST, week: 35 - 02 Semester: Autumn 2017

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Course start: 2017-08-28

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The course starts on Monday, August 28.

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What is Management, which are the elements and how does an organisation work? What is the role and the tools of a manager? How to organise and manage people and projects in an ever changing environment? Fundamentals of Management is a basic, distance learning course in management.

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2017-12-04 16:59

En avregistrering måste göras senast tre veckor efter terminsstart d v s 5 februari 2018 (eller efter kursstart om du inte läser en hel nivå).
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New Guidelines for Written Exams from the Autumn Semester 2015 - registration OBLIGATORY
2016-12-12 16:15

From the autumn semester 2015 Uppsala University has new Guidelines for the Conduct of Written Examinations at Uppsala University, adopted by the Vice-Chancellor.  Something new is that only candidates who have registered to the exam at the time and pursuant to the arrangement determined by the department may take the examination. It is not possible to register for the examination in the examination hall. For more information see [Guidelines for the Conduct of Written Examinations|http://regler.uu.se/Detaljsida/?contentId=450524&kategoriId=147]