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Migrants and Minorities in Swedish History, 7.5 c

Course code:5HA358, Report code:01122, 100%, DAG, NML, week: 13 - 17 Semester: Spring 2017

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The purpose of the course is to introduce exchange students to concepts, theories and perspectives concerning migration, minorities and multicultural aspects in Swedish history. The focus of the course is on people moving to, from and within Sweden, and on relations between the majority and minorities, ... [+]
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Historisk-filosofiska fakultetens examensfirande 14 juni 2017
2017-05-12 13:12

Du  som slutför alla kurser inför en examen (antingen en filosofie kandidat, magister eller master) inom historisk-filosofiska  fakulteten  under  läsåret 2016/2017 hälsas varmt välkommen till fakultetens examensfirande. I samband med firandet får du ett diplom som en symbol för din prestation. Se bifogad fil för mer information.