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Astrophysics II, 5.0 c

Course code:1FA205, Report code:63030, 33%, DAG, NML
week: 04 - 12 Semester: Spring 2015 (2015-01-19 - 2015-03-22)

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Vid avregistrering kontakta kurskansli Fysik, kurskansli@physics.uu.se

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Name: Kurskansli Fysik
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Telephone: 018-4713516
Address: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1

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Welcome to Astrophysics II

Over the next 9 weeks, we will be helping you develop skills necessary to be, first and foremost, a well-informed citizen and, second, a good astronomer or scientist. This will be achieved through independent investigation of open problems in modern astrophysics, which will culminate with an end-of-term debate between you and another student on solutions to your selected open problem. The course is designed to be challenging and informative, but fun at the same time. Our hope is that this course will allow you to develop skills that are transferable to life outside of astronomy, while learning a bit of astronomy while you're at it.

Detailed information about the course and our expectations of you are located in the course syllabus, which you can find under "Course Materials" in the File Area.

Note that the course and all course materials will be given in English.

Greg & Eric