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Simulation of Geophysical Systems, 10 c

Course code:1GE015, Report code:68104, 100%, DAG, NML, week: 03 - 08 Semester: Spring 2011 - Spring 2011

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Friday, Feb. 25 at 14:00 in Båthsalen (Dm226), Geocentrum.

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Note that the exercise section 8/2 1515-1700 have been moved to 10/2 1015-1200. This also affects the deadline for part b of hand-in IV and part a of hand-in V, which has also been moved to 10/2 1515

Course description

The main subjects of the course are the theory and solution of dynamical geophysical systems. These comprise important tools which allow us to study the interior of the Earth. The course also covers numerical methods which are used to solve models of more complex geophysical systems.

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