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Secure Computer Systems I, 5.0 c

Course code:1DT072, Report code:11213, 33%, DAG, NML
week: 44 - 03 Semester: Autumn 2014 (2014-10-27 - 2015-01-18)

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Information for admitted students

Information for admitted students and those who will be admitted via acceptance of late applicants: All admitted students must register for their courses the Student Portal. If you are admitted with a condition, the student counsellors will check your academic background. If it's ok you will be registered, or else the counsellor will contact you. If you have neither a pin code nor a student account, please contact it-kansli@it.uu.se. State your name, civic registration number (10 digits) and the name of the course.

Information for reserves

If you are on the waiting list, you will be contacted if there is a place available.

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If you have any questions about registration, please contact:
Name: IT-kansliet/Student Office
Email: it-kansli@it.uu.se
Telephone: 018-4717604

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To take this course you must have a student account. As an admitted you can activate your student account via www.uu.se/konto.

Course information

If you have a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-enabled device, bring it to the lectures!

NOTE that the course book is:

  • Bishop: Computer Security - Art and Science (which is also used on Secure Computer Systems 2). (The brown book to the right.)


  • Bishop: Introduction to Computer Security. (The green book to the right.)

(The course book is NOT Stallings: Computer Security.)

Deadlines and mandatory participation

The course uses continuous examination. The following preliminary deadlines apply:

  • Individual handin -- Introductory lab: Oct 31 at 17:00
  • Group handin #1: Nov 8 at 8:00 Nov 6 at 17:00
  • Group handin #2: Nov 21 at 17:00
  • Group handin #3: Dec 12 at 23:59 Dec 11 at 13:00 Dec 9 at 17:00

The following occasions are MANDATORY:

  • Nov 12 or 13: 1 hour group examination (out of 12 hrs scheduled as "Presentation")
  • Nov 27 or 28: 1 hour group examination (out of 12 hrs scheduled as "Presentation")
  • Dec 15 or 16: 1 hour group examination (out of 12 hrs scheduled as "Presentation")

In addition there is a 3-hour exam on Jan 8.

The lab sessions in the schedule are not mandatory but very strongly recommended. You will only need half the day on Oct 30, and one of the sessions Dec 1 or 2.

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