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Computer Assisted Image Analysis I, 5 c

Course code:1TD396, Report code:62025, 33%, DAG, NML, week: 03 - 11 Semester: Spring 2011 - Spring 2011

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Course description

Have you worked with photos, using a photo digital software? You might have improved the focus of a blurry photo? If that is the case, you have worked with digital image analys. In digital image analysis we deal with the problem of autamatically transform images to information and, in at its best, to knowledge. There are many applications, e.g. in forestry and agriculture, environmental supervision, astronomy, medicine and industrial quality control. The image can come from a microscope, a computer ... [More/Hide]
Current course messages
Don´t´forget the course evaluation
2012-03-27 10:37
Don´t forget to fill in the course evaluation, http://evaluering.ibg.uu.se/it/ !
Exam available
2011-03-11 18:05
The exam will be available on the web (portal) shortly. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding regarding this during todays exam, it was only the last page we wanted to be handed in together with your other answers. The exam questions are public information and you have the right to keep them. Hope you are satisfied with this answer. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Schedule changes
2011-02-04 23:52
The contents of lecture 6 and 7 have been swapped. No changes in time or place though.

Lecture 9 have been moved to 18/2 15-17.
Course registration
2011-01-24 13:34
All students have to make a mark on the registration lists which are available during the lectures, as before. However, you can not register on the course by writing your name on these lists. For more information, talk to studeivägledare, visit www.antagning.se or talk to your program coordinator.
Schedule changes!!
2011-01-24 13:00
Lecture 2 is moved from tuesday 1/25 to fri 1/28 8:15-10:00 in rooma Pol 1211.
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