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Neurobiology, 15.0 c

Course code:1BG207, Report code:BG207, 100%, DAG, NML
week: 03 - 12 Semester: Spring 2016 (2016-01-18 - 2016-03-27)

This course is part of a joint section.

Collaboration information

Dear all,

There has been some kind of misunderstanding between us and IBG regarding the routines for printing of electronic versions of handouts. Please forget the info I gave during the introductory lecture regarding the green cards for printing, since doesnt apply to this course and I apologize for misleading you there.

This is the info I have got from IBG:

  1. Students are not provided with any free print out copies by IBG. Electronic copies of handouts and other info on the Studentportalen may either be printed using Korint (http://www.korint.uu.se/gets-started/) a common printing system on UU. Alternatively, they can be printed by the students themselves on their own printers, or be used as electronic copies (thereby saving a few trees).

  2. If a course leader requires that a lab compendium or another document to be printed for a particular course, they will charge the students (0.80 Kr/page). However, the copies you have been provided with so far have been printed by Neuro, so you have been spared these expenses.

  3. If a student requests a particular document to be printed by IBG, for example an old exam, they are obligated to charge for the print out, from page 9, via a common university policy.


Ill do my best to see if we can provide you with certain documents for free also in the future, e.g. like lab compendiums. But I cant promise anything since it is not the normal policy.

Best regards,