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Peace and Conflict Studies A I, 15.0 c

Course code:2FK013, Report code:20513, 50%, BLA, DST
week: 36 - 03 Semester: Autumn 2019 (2019-09-02 - 2020-01-19)

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Please wait to be contacted. If you receive an acceptance letter you need to activate your student account and register at the Student Portal by August 18 at the latest. If you do not register before this deadline you will lose your place at the course.

If you do not have a Swedish "personnummer", do not have a student account and cannot fetch a one time passcode to activate it by visiting campus in Uppsala or Visby, e-mail servicedesk@uu.se to get help. Then e-mail Chris Chau at chris.chau@pcr.uu.se and ask to be registered (if you have an application number from universityadmissions.se, please include this in the e-mail). For more information about activating you student account, read the information on this page: http://www.uu.se/en/students/new-students/registration/

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Name: Chris Chau
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Course start: 2019-09-02

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Who to contact if you have questions about the course

Dear students,

As there has been some confusion as to who in the department to ask about things regarding the course, we would like to clarify this. We will list the different contact persons below. Please also specify in your e-mail which course or module that you are writing about (we have several courses at the department with similar names). Also, make sure to read the “E-mail etiquette” section in the course guide. Write your e-mail in English if you can, even if the person you e-mail speaks Swedish they may need to consult someone else who does not speak Swedish.

Course converners answer questions about seminars, assignments, schedule, course readings etcetera. In other words, almost every question you have about the course and course materials. (The examiner has a different role and is not one of the teachers in this case.)

Course convener for module 1, Introduction to Peace and Conflict Research : Kyungmee Kim (Kyungmee.kim@pcr.uu.se)

Course convener module 2, Conflict Analysis: Helena Grusell (Helena.grusell@pcr.uu.se )


Course administrator and study counsellor can answer questions about course registration/unregistration and general study counselling. If you have a long-term disability that qualifies you for support the study counsellor will help you with that (after you have applied through here). If you have any other questions that do not fall under the areas the teachers are responsible for, you can also ask the course administrator and get help with who to contact. 

Course administrator/study counsellor for this course: Chris Chau, Chris.Chau@pcr.uu.se