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Speech and Language Pathology Programme

Prog.code: MLO2Y 240 c.

Master in Speech and Language Pathology


File areatype: File area for course material

Status: Portal and public (also shown to users who are not logged on)

Updated: 2012-11-16 by Ann-Catrine Gustafsson

Note: The file area is used by two programmes in the Student Portal. Changes in the file area will affect the programmes below:
Speech and Language Pathology Programme, 240.0c
Master of Science in Speech Pathology and Therapy, 240.0c

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Huvudmapp | Info   2011-10-14 by Portalen
Info master.doc | Info
Har du frågor så kontakta Anki Gustafsson under vt13, anki.gustafsson@neuro.uu.se
  58 kb 2013-02-13 13:30  by Ann-Catrine Gustafsson
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